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1:1 Coaching

Working in caring professions sometimes means we forget to take care of ourselves.  Vanessa combines her experience and training as a pharmacist, health coach and life coach to support you to create a more personalised approach to your health and wellbeing.

Have you been putting your own health and wellbeing on hold while you care for others? 

Have you recently started taking a new medication or are you living with a health condition that you'd like more support managing?

For many of us, when we experience a change to our health circumstances, it can feel overwhelming and confusing. There can be a lot of new information to understand and changes to our routine and lifestyle that can be difficult to achieve.

However, there are some simple things you can do to feel more in control and be the leader in your own health care and management.  Taking care of yourself in a way that feels true to you and is aligned with your values is possible for everyone.

1:1 coaching provides a space for you to connect with who you are, what you want and helps you take the right actions to more easily create the results you are looking for.

*Coaching sessions are delivered virtually 

Vanessa's 1:1 coaching supports you to:

Create time for yourself to clarify your health vision and learn how to create a plan to bring you closer to your health and wellbeing goals 

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Overcome that constant feeling of being overloaded  and make decisions that are aligned to putting yourself first to create more balance that can give you more holistic health outcomes 

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Feel supported in the knowing that you have someone to chat things through with that has been where you are and can share unique insights and experience


Vanessa has limited spots available for her 1:1 coaching sessions and would love to work with you...

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