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Keeping well through Winter

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

This week I was reminded about how challenging it can be, when multiple team members get sick at the same time! It's important we stay supportive of those that need to take the time to recover, and also support those we are working with, to manage the workload and keep everyone's energy up.

Keeping well through winter and having conversations about wellbeing at work!

One of the best strategies for staying well through winter is getting the basics right all year round, having conversations about wellbeing at work and reminding each other to practice wellbeing at work. Here are 4 easy areas to start with so you can expand wellbeing conversations at work:

1. Remind everyone to get fresh air every day and focus on deep breathing - Our brains are very sensitive to changes in oxygen. Getting outside to breathe fresh air improves brain function and helps relieve stress and tension that may've built up during the day. Try making your exhalations longer that your inhalations and if you find this tricky, imagine you are smelling a flower then blowing out a candle. 2. Keep healthy snacks in the staff room - Whole foods are a great way to get plenty of nutrients, antioxidants, and fibre in your diet. Sometimes during busy workdays we can forget to eat! So remind everyone to take their breaks, keep a basket of fruit, nuts, and healthy snacks in the staff room and remind each other to eat something every day. 3. Make movement matter - find ways to get the team moving and talking about what they like to do every day. Movement helps release endorphins, relieves stress and helps provide an outlet for self-expression. Simple stretches while you're standing at your desk or turning up the music and doing a little dance can be an easy and a fun way to move every day while you're at work. 4. Look out for each other - it's important to notice when people you work with might not be feeling well. A healthy workplace culture is one where everyone feels safe to share how they feel and you check-in with each other regularly.

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