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The Culture Plan

6-month Coaching program for pharmacy teams 

The Culture Plan Coaching Program supports your leadership team and pharmacists to:

  • Implement Vanessa's Team Culture Checklist 

  • Develop the 4 key foundations for effective pharmacy leadership and team culture 

  • Implement your Team Plan on a Page and improve productivity and performance

  • Improve team culture and business performance in measurable ways

  • Enhance patient experiences and deliver more holistic pharmacy care 

  • The Culture Plan - Team Group Coaching Program


    • 6 Modules 

      • Month 1 -  Create your team plan on a page, and define vision and values​

      • Month 2 - Set goals and define your measures of success

      • Month 3 - Improve psychosocial safety and enhance communication skills 

      • Month 4 - Better manage time and build skills in planning and organisation 

      • Month 5 - Increase productivity and workflow efficiencies 

      • Month 6 - Improve patient engagement, experiences and outcomes 

    • Each month you will receive:  

      • ​2 x Fortnightly 1:1 coaching sessions for the pharmacy owner – 1hr duration

      • 1 x Monthly Group coaching session for the team - 90min duration

      • You can have up to 6 team members join the program and group sessions.

      • Tools, templates, and resources to support development and implementation

      • Unlimited phone and email support

  • INVESTMENT: $9500 (+GST)

  • Early bird pricing is available if you book before March 10th, 2024!! 


There is a direct correlation between team engagement and business performance outcomes” Gallup Workplace Report (2020) 

The Culture Plan Coaching Program supports you to:

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Learn how to manage time so you can shift from being stretched to working more productively as a leadership team

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Build personal awareness around your blocks and barriers and prevent stress and burnout so you can more easily achieve your goals

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Develop your communication skills, collaboration skills and resilience skills to improve business performance and team culture

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Be more available to support patients so you can feel more professionally fulfilled 

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