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The Culture Plan

Attention pharmacy owners and managers! Do you want to enhance your team culture and pharmacy performance? If yes, my tailor-made 6-month Coaching Program is just for you! Join now and learn how to work on your business, instead of just in it. 

There is a direct correlation between team engagement and business performance outcomes” Gallup Workplace Report (2020) 

The Culture Plan Coaching Program supports you to:

  • Unlock up to 2 hours per week to work on your business

  • Learn the 4 key foundations for building team culture 

  • Implement your Team Culture 90-day Action Plan and have the support and accountability you need to achieve your goals 

  • Develop your change management skills to help your team grow and innovate

  • See improvements in metrics such as GMROL, $GP and Services Income

  • Improve your work-life balance by switching off at the end of your workday.

  • The Culture Plan Group Coaching Program

  • What you can expect? 

    • Module 1 -  Set your goals and define your purpose, vision, values and roles 

    • Module 2 - Implement your own Team Plan on a Page - 90-day action plan 

    • Module 3 - Develop leadership skills - communication, feedback, resilience 

    • Module 4 - Overcome the 5 most common challenges of teams 

    • Module 5 - Better manage time, improve productivity and performance 

    • Module 6 - Enhance counselling skills to provide complete solutions for patients 

  • What you will receive throughout the 6-months? 

    • 15min Fortnightly accountability check-in call 

    • 6 x 90min Group Coaching Sessions (scheduled monthly) 

    • 6 x 1:1 Pharmacy Owner Individual Coaching Sessions (scheduled monthly)

    • Tools, templates, and resources to support development and implementation

    • Unlimited phone and email support

  • INVESTMENT: $5000(+GST) 

  • For up to 5 team leaders can join - eg. pharmacists, owners, managers, senior staff

  • You all join the program together so you can work together to achieve your goals 

  • Payment plan - 50% upfront 

  • All session are delivered via Zoom

  • Spaces are limited so book today 

The Culture Plan Group Coaching Program offers a supportive, collaborative, and cost-effective approach to personal and professional development, supporting you to work together towards your goals in a structured and accountable environment.


“We have found Vanessa’s Coaching Program very valuable. The team are more motivated, engaged, confident and efficient. We are all working better together, communicating more effectively and implementing our Team Plan on a Page actions consistently.  I personally have more time to work on the business, we are achieving our goals and seeing improvements in key business metrics including GMROL, Sales, and Services income”.  
Rowan Lowe Owner Donnybrook Amcal Feb 2024

The Culture Plan Coaching Program supports you to:

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Mange time - Learn how to manage time so you can shift from being stretched to working more productively as a leadership team in measurable ways 

VL Icons-12.png

Support wellbeing - Build personal awareness around your blocks and barriers and prevent stress and burnout so you can more easily achieve your goals

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Manage change - Develop your change management skills, collaboration skills and resilience skills to improve business performance and team culture

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Improve customer experiences - Be more available to support patients so you can feel more professionally fulfilled and more positively influence patient health outcomes

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