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Vanessa is an engaging & inspiring speaker.

Vanessa brings experience, real-life stories and practical tools to her presentations and leaves audiences feeling uplifted and ready to take action. Vanessa's passion for pharmacy and genuine care for people is felt by all who listen to her speak.




Building and retaining great pharmacy teams  

Best Audience: Pharmacy teams, Pharmacy leaders, Health care teams 

Format: Keynote, Virtual Conference, Team Workshop


Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the global trends for team engagement and effectiveness with a particular focus on healthcare teams

  2. Gain clarity on what are the basic habits of highly engaged teams  

  3. Discover the biggest mistakes we make as well-meaning leaders that can negatively impact our teams

  4. Learn how to craft conversations that can influence your team and build effectiveness, in the flow of a busy workday

  5. Breakdown the 3 steps to engaging your team in a meaningful way that gets results   

  6. Determine the opportunities for improving team effectiveness and how it can influence business performance 

Conference Lecture

"I'm thinking you and your organisation want a speaker who engages wholeheartedly with your audience and one who delivers practical, memorable and effective insight and learning for them. 


Importantly I believe you'll want Vanessa as your speaker, as one who inspires new action and behavioural change.


I still remember the first time I experienced Vanessa speaking at a conference on the Gold Coast. I was one of a few hundred people in the audience (and I've also seen Vanessa leading and inspiring smaller groups) and we were all connected to her desire to lead us through a program of significant change and were then ready to take the next steps. 


Practical insights from wholehearted thinking that inspires positive action. 


That's what you'll experience with Vanessa as a speaker and leader for your audience".


- Nick Hughes 


The Culture Plan 

Best Audience: Pharmacy Leaders, Health care Leaders  

Format: Keynote, Virtual Conference, Team Workshop


Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn the scientific reasons why stress, fatigue and burnout can impact your effectiveness as a manager 

  2. Learn the simple technique to help you from moving to being stretched thin as a manager to working more effectively with your team

  3. Understand how to design your own 'Team Plan on a Page' unlock time in your busy day to lead your team effectively and deliver optimal health care for your patients, at the same time

  4. Hear what I learnt from over 1000 hours of coaching and why having a coach myself helped me in some surprising ways  

  5. Discover how building your effectiveness as a manager can improve business performance 

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Vanessa is a highly engaging and inspiring speaker. 

In 2023 - Vanessa presented at APP2023 on the Gold Coast, The Medici Women's Leadership Retreat, The Pharmacy Careers Summit, The Sigma Healthcare Pharmacist Summit and was a recent panelist on the AJP Webinar for Building Resilient Workplace Cultures.  


Previously Vanessa has also presented at the Annual Amcal and Guardian National Retail Conferences in 2017, 2018 and 2019 and the Virtual conference in 2020.  Vanessa also presented at the Virtual Pharmacy Assistant Annual Conference (PAAC) 2020, The Sigma Healthcare Supplier Forum and The Discount Drug Stores Leadership Program.


Vanessa presented at the PSA PAC conference in 2010, the PSA Primary Health Weekends in 2011 and the Annual Blackmores Institute Conference in 2014 in the areas of communication, consumer-centred behaviour change and motivational interviewing.  

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