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Mentoring for Managers

The Reset, Refresh and Rise Mentoring Program for Pharmacist Managers and Retail Managers  

The “Rest, Refresh and Rise” Mentoring Program supports pharmacy leaders to build foundational leadership skills.   This program provides the tools, structure and support to unlock time (1-2hrs per week) so you can more effectively lead your team and set the right habits, to build team culture and achieve measurable outcomes and results. 

This program is for you if you:

  • Are always trying to find more time 

  • Feel stressed, tired or in survival mode with a never-ending to-do list

  • Struggling with the constant juggle of managing your tasks, supporting your customers and leading your team 

  • Have been leading your team for a while but want to learn some new ways to be more effective that gives you real results, balance and fulfilment

In simple terms, it will help you learn practical ways to better manage time so you can lead more confidently and effectively


The Mentoring Package includes:

  • 1 x 2hr Discovery Session with key team members 

  • 6 x 1.5hr mentoring sessions with up to 2 managers - Retail Managers and Pharmacist Managers are encouraged to join together 

  • Manager's Toolkit - 10 key tools to help you get the basics right 

  • Mentoring sessions are delivered virtually so you can join from anywhere

This program will help you to

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Learn the right habits for leading with care and empowering your team to be engaged and productive


Better manage time using practical tools to balance your tasks and improve team culture

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Learn effective communication skills to build  better relationships


Get the basics right by implementing your Team Plan on a Page 

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CR Highlight Icons-13_edited.png

“We were looking for a reset to refresh after a very exhausting few years, so we engaged Vanessa Lontos. We have always loved working with Vanessa as she brings such a refreshing, analytical view and we have reaped the rewards of Vanessa's insights many times over the years. We enjoy her refreshing outlook and really gain insights from the different way she looks at your business.  As a result of working with Vanessa we have created more structure around how we as pharmacy owners together focus on team culture and engagement.  Specifically implementing Vanessa’s ‘Team Plan on a Page’ has made it so much easier to focus on specific actions to take and build accountability around the activities and actions we are committing to. We also learnt how to protect our time, so that we can have regular monthly managers meetings, 1:1’s with our team members and effective daily team check-ins using simple coaching and communication techniques.  I would recommend Vanessa to anyone who wants to build foundational leadership skills that support time management, effective communication, accountability, workplace wellbeing and overall, a positive team culture who care about each other.  Vanessa’s rich experience and caring, gentle and inspiring approach has helped us to achieve great results”.  Nicole Hardwick Nelson’s Amcal Pharmacy Dec 2022

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